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Title: War of the Songs of Light Against the Songs of Darkness
Triple Edge Records
Release Year: 2012
Formats: CD, Digital Download

The Illusion of Duality (10:15)
Light (4:14)
The Social Construct (3:29)
Born In Black Thorns (5:03)
Adrenaline (3:59)
Monster (5:35)
So Far Down (4:58)
War (9:11)
Sabertooth (4:38)
Vexation [Directed Toward Both the Aristocracy and the Kindred] (6:28)
Trust (5:27)
Goodbye Samantha Blue (9:30)
Freedom Wind (4:40)

This album was written, performed, produced and recorded by Austin Taft. 
Sleeve layout and design by Austin Taft and Aaron Listen. 
Illustrations by Aaron Listen. 
All songs recorded at IMS Studios and The Reactor. 
All songs © Austin Taft. 
Published by Timewave Music Publishing (ASCAP).


"If darkly complex, self aware music is something you like to spend your time with, you need to pick up arms and join the War Of The Songs Of Light Against The Songs Of Darkness." 
-- Steven Reid, Sea of Tranquility


"'War of the Songs...' is a dynamic, thought-provoking album, worthy of any collection." 
-- Chad Taylor, Cityview Magazine


"War of the Songs of Light Against the Songs of Darkness is a 13-song epic that has got to be heard." 
-- Reggie Edwards, The Front Row Report


"For this level of musical quality to come out of the Cedar Valley, it’s endlessly impressive and not something we should take for granted."
-- Jared Molstead, WCF Courier


"Austin Taft's self-styled 'Rock 2.0' seems to involve taking every guitar-orientated sub-genre, and moulding it into something that is both dynamic and heavy. With an abundance of talent, as well as the determination to succeed, it will be intriguing to see where Taft goes next – Rock 3.0, perhaps?" 
-- Chybucca Sounds 
(Staff List placing "War" at #24 in their Top 50 Albums of 2012)


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