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Title: The Human Condition
Triple Edge Records
Release Year: 2015
Formats: CD, Digital Download

Wandering Souls (4:39)
Moving Day (4:41)
A Different Kind (5:53)
The Letters of Utrecht (6:16)
Daydream (5:29)
Rose (4:16)
Ultimatum (5:58)
Nothing Is Real (5:21)
Superheroes (4:26)
Portrait In My Head (5:36)
The Empty Scan (3:38)
Shoulder (8:10)
Sun (3:36)
Lucky Stars (5:52)

This album was written, performed, produced and recorded by Austin Taft. 
Sleeve layout and design by Austin Taft and Aaron Listen. 
Illustrations by Aaron Listen. 
All songs recorded at The Reactor. 
All songs © Austin Taft. 
Published by Timewave Music Publishing (ASCAP).


"His lyrics are weighty, full of dichotomy and metaphors that aren’t always easy to understand. What is clear is his heart is in this work."
-- John Molseed, Pulse


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