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Title: Skeletons
Triple Edge Records

Release Year: 2020
Formats: CD, Digital Download


Skeletons (3:58)
Endless Sky (7:55)

A Winning Strategy (6:02)

The Ladder (9:08)

Diminishing Returns [All Around] (7:51)

Just Above Zero (8:18)

The Line (7:45)

Unraveling (12:02)
The Road To Happiness (7:52)

This album was written, performed, produced and recorded by Austin Taft.

Cover image by Aaron Listen.


All songs recorded at Amber Sound Studios, Colorado Springs, CO.

All songs © Austin Taft.  Published by Timewave Music Publishing (ASCAP).

"It’s hard to believe that one man accomplishes the quality, chemistry, technical proficiency, musical beauty, and emotion that ring resonantly in the nine song, 71-minute long piece of artistry that is Skeletons. [...]
If you enjoy music that is complex yet emotional, experimental yet intelligible, and dark yet inspiring, 
you’ll definitely want to give Skeletons a spin – or ten."

-- Kat Knite, The Independent Voice


"Every second is worth a listen. [...]

You probably don’t know of Austin Taft, but you need to."

-- Anthony Welch, The Riff Rag


"Taft has an abundance of talent that is blatantly evident on this album.

If this is an example of his unleashed skeletons, then let's hope he has plenty more to set free for future recordings!"

-- Claire Bannister, Powerplay Magazine


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