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The Letters of Utrecht

I will not be here always; it is of no concern, for it is your turn
We'll take our language to the streets to begin thinking in the long term
A corrosion of love is infesting our home, but time can be a guide now
And message evolves as we are involved
To know where we have been, to see where we will go

We find ourselves wanting and questioning just how to fit these pieces together
We wonder and wonder and welcome expression stretched through generations
And it is no measure of success to leave a world without your mark
So, godspeed, you people, the message is yours
We'll watch from the stars as consciousness slowly unfolds

Cross the sea of reason and hatred, disbelief and sparse empathy
And everything we ever loved waves goodbye
As we lead ourselves downward to ruin, but understanding this heart
This magical moment
Right now

I'm here with you right now

The lamp gives you shade for the letters divided through careful speech and tongue
As nations decline, an advancing, refined communication will rise
Nothing is perfect, but what we create and have now is here and it's ours
And nothing can take that away from us -- not fate or fear or men or god or time

Cross the sea of brothers and province and discourse and sparse empathy
And we find in our hearts that we've foolishly wagered our souls
But we are trying our best, and that's all we can do
All anyone can ever ask of us, all they could ask of you
And we will try
We will

I'm here with you right now

© Austin Taft.  Published by Timewave Music Publishing (ASCAP).

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