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Suffer Insignia

I'm feeling tired dreams encompassing my energy
Maybe I should take a stroll
I'm living tired lies -- an unappealing exercise
Beginning to take its toll

I need something comprehensible
Not something artificial
I feel condemned to this tragic deception
Trying to rid myself of hate
To listen, focus, resonate
I feel alive in the stream of perception

Suffer insignia

Within the realm of space, I can travel anyplace
Maybe I should take a stroll
I feel the forces of euphoria take control
I know the passion and potential of my soul

Trying to synchronize my life with what should be
Such a goal seems insurmountable
I feel, though, that this is within my reach
I'm trying to see...

Suffer insignia

I'm trying to identify the language of the world

Living my life like my life was a dream
I thought I was blinded, but now I can see
And I see what I've seen, but while some still believe
I've lost faith

With visions of fragments that make up the whole
And millions of stories yet to be told
We take to the streets and we march to a beat
From the root to heart to crown

The time for change is now
Bring the change you want to see
Cause it's up to you and it's up to me
We're just reflections of ourselves

The time for change is now
Be the change you want to be
And I know we suffer insignia

Do it anyway

© Austin Taft.  Published by Timewave Music Publishing (ASCAP).

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