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I'm feeling just like a stowaway
When life refuses to cooperate
I balance the equilibrium
And attempt to gain an understanding of my current situation

This frustration continues to build
In this world of kill-or-be-killed
Circumstances I don't understand
And I'm faced with choices without a plan

The noise outside clouds my mind
And only fuels the anger inside
Everything's just out of my grasp
I want to make use of my time before the time lapse

Nothing's right, this is wrong
And I don't belong here, but at least I feel the worst may be over
In my lifetime, I have come so far
But I want to go farther and it's getting harder to try
I can't decide if I should stay or if I'm down for the ride
Patience makes me a better man

She makes me a better man

© Austin Taft.  Published by Timewave Music Publishing (ASCAP).

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