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Diminishing Returns (All Around)

Idle minds sleep soundly
Awaken from your dreams
There's a world outside, beyond the screen

The days seem strangely cloudy
The night can bring no peace
Our guard has been let down
Liberty screams

All around me
All around me
Diminishing returns

We missed the call to action
Distracted in our cloud
So far from heaven and on our knees

Where once was strength in numbers, there now remains the weak
Inertia seeks to paint its greatest masterpiece
Everything we get, some deserve
The sheep will blindly hang on every word

All around me
All around me
Diminishing returns

I'm drowning

Does it hurt you to know that we have allowed this?
You are just as much at fault as I

Across the hemisphere
The point of no return is dangerously near
It's a wonder we can still breathe

Separate a mother from a son from a father from a daughter
Things will never be the same

Keeping kids in cages while the true terrorists are held blameless
Can there be a greater shame?

The only thing to fear is ourselves

© Austin Taft.  Published by Timewave Music Publishing (ASCAP).

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